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We are a small, family operated company. That means our owner will always be on site, performing the work or overseeing the crew to ensure the work is being done top notch.

Yes! Healthy Roots Landscaping are THE professionals to call for all your commercial lawn care needs.

Depending on weather, time of the year and scope of work, crews may be out as early as 7am and may work as late as dark. Most work is performed Monday – Friday but if needed we may work on Saturday. We use battery operated equipment rather than the noisy gas-powered options. This keeps the noise down for you and your neighbors and cuts down on our carbon footprint.

Every job we undertake is custom quoted based on the needs of the client, but we always promise to be affordable and with services that outweigh the prices we charge. So give us a call today to get started!

Healthy Roots strives to be the best in the industry. We continue to grow because of referrals from our satisfied customers. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our recurring services. If anything disappoints you, if we are made aware within 24 hours after a completed service, we promise to come back promptly to correct the issue at our expense without hesitation.

Yes, We continue to grow because of referrals from our satisfied customers and want to say thank you for their continued support. Please contact us for more information.

We will invoice you monthly for weekly maintenance programs and upon completion of any project or other service. We offer the convenience of paying directly from your invoice using a credit card. We also accept ACH payments and Venmo. In certain, limited exceptions for specific kinds of projects we may accept check with certain conditions.

Our lawn service includes cutting the grass, trimming the edges, and blowing off the driveways and sidewalks. Weeding is also included for ongoing, weekly customers but may require an initial clean up visit with a one-time additional cost.

If the grass height in any area exceeds 6″ on any scheduled visit, the work will be performed on an hourly basis.

Generally, we encourage mulching the grass rather than bagging it. Mulching the grass returns essential nutrients back to the soil. Contrary to popular belief, mulching grass does not lead to built up thatch if it is cut regularly. However, upon your request and for a minimal fee we will bag the grass at your property.

Please make sure all shrubs, trees, or plantings are either flagged or inside of a garden bed. We cannot be responsible for plantings that are not clearly marked or growing in lawn areas without a garden bed around them. Please also make sure to have any debris (toys, dog waste, rocks, etc) picked up from the lawn on your regular day of service. In the unlikely event damage to any person/property occurs due to unseen debris in the lawn, we cannot be held liable.

We offer both Spring and Fall lawn cleanups. In the Spring we will remove any leftover leaves and fallen branches, acorns, etc from the property. In the Fall we can either do one or two visit cleanup which entails removing the majority of leaves, sticks, acorns, bark, and other organic materials from the lawn and beds.

When a customer has dead patches in their lawn they are likely the result of lawn disease/drought damage from past years. We can remove dead grass, add a little topsoil and re-sod these areas, or allow the grass to naturally fill in if the patch is small enough.


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